This deck of mindful reconnecting with nature activity cards is an effective way to help you develop a relationship with the natural world...and yourself. By re-minding ourselves that we are nature, we come back to our senses and realize that we are all connected. And through this restored relationship we become whole once again.

The Front of the Cards

The front of each card displays an image of one of our 54 innate senses/sensitivities, along with additional feature cards. Each picture was photographed in various locations in North America.

The Back of the Cards

The back of the cards feature a simple nature reconnecting activity you may participate in. Also included are writing or discussion prompts for further reflection on your experience in the natural world. 

The Guide

The Guide introduces you to the deck, takes you through the 10-step process of connection, discusses how to build a relationship with the natural world and lists the 54 natural senses/sensitivities the cards are based on - developed by my mentor in the field of Ecopsychology, Dr. Michael J. Cohen.

Packaged for your convenience

The Guide and the deck of cards comes in this burlap sack so you can conveniently take them with you anywhere you go.