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Let Nature Guide You...

You are nature. I am nature. We are nature. Any sense of separation is self-imposed.

Allow nature to show you how to bring you back into balance.

Nature is the therapist. Allow The Sacred Earth Institute's carefully designed activities to introduce you to ways to facilitate the process of your re-membering!

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45-90 minute sessions have been designed to guide you toward reconnecting with nature and finding love, peace, joy and stillness, along with a sense of your place in the world.

Science has begun to support that a person's connection with nature enhances emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. We have designed ways for you to re-discover your connection with your authentic self—just by spending 15 minutes (or more) in nature.

You will be provided with nature-connecting activities, not only for the time you are spending within the activities you've been given, but tips on how to do this on your own, between sessions.

So often we feel disconnected, overwhelmed, anxious, irritable, sad, angry, unfocused, or any of a combination of these symptoms. Richard Louv, author of "Lost Child in the Woods". says that when this happens, we may be suffering from NDD—Nature Deficit Disorder.

Discover how to allow nature to heal YOU- body, mind and spirit! You will be guided in easy-to-use activities to help you find peace and stillness in your life, along with having a sense of connection to our world. 

Get in touch with all of your senses - all 54 of them!

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Being in nature has a way of putting things in perspective and we simply don't do enough of this! It's surprising what you'll find in nature - once you're still and really listen!

Invest in yourself and in your health by learning how easy it is to regain a sense of balance and belonging in your life.

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Call to schedule your first Nature Connect session today - Individual sessions are only $1 per minute.

Sessions can be held near your home, in a nearby community, or at The Retreat Center in Waushara County, Wisconsin.

(920) 378-3999

These sessions can be done in person or via distance learning. Please call or email me so we can figure out a way to make this work for us!

"The world will always provide a vision if we ourselves to be alone, then open our eyes and look, as if for the first time, at what has been around us all along." - Judith Pinter